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Today we are excited to announce several updates across all our apps and websites.
In the wake of this announcement, I wanted to take a moment to share the logic behind these changes, why they are occurring now, and how they relate to partners.

It’s important to emphasize that SmartCircle has evolved to become a comprehensive retail display management system, and this evolution was not an overnight switch. RTF’s decision to develop and expand the SmartCircle system was requested by our valued community of partner companies and developers using the solution. SmartCircle is positioned differently than traditional MDM companies, by focusing on non-owned live devices serving the retail industry as displays, as opposed to mobile device ownership protection. Our hope is that this move will allow us to more clearly identify the needs and requirements of the retail industry and further develop our relationship with our valued solution partners.

Prior to this change, we spoke with our partners around the world and asked them, “How can we improve? What are your requirements, and how can we improve our presentation to prospective customers?” We listened our partners’ answers, which generated insight to help us move towards making SmartCircle the best solution for live device display in the industry. We recognize that our partners’ feedback provides significant value and we are ready to discuss any applications that might be used in context of retail display management.

The new SmartCircle Manager offers improved alarming and notification features, together with a unified look and feel. Here are other business-critical features built across our apps and web services:

  • Improved compliance reports
  • Better dashboards
  • Improved device management reports
  • Price tags supported within Dipslay DS and Remote DS apps
  • Improved logs and reporting
  • Better assignment process
  • We now support dummy devices with price tags
  • Improved campaigns flow
  • Improved heartbeat that supports compliance
  • Improved web views with Display DS app
  • Mirrored and rotated view on Display DS
  • Improved logging process
  • Change PINs functionality

We hope you are as thrilled about this new live display mobility tool as we are! We encourage you to use the following resources for more product information and to reach out to your SmartCircle representative with any questions. Our goal is to ensure that all partners are getting the support and recognition they deserve.

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