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SmartCircle unleashes the power of each merchandised smartphone and tablet. Through our digital price tag and retail demo mode solutions we deliver the most interactive, engaging digital marketing experience directly to the mobile display. Our leading Retail Display Management [RDM] software also ensures your marketing campaigns are delivered with the highest accuracy based on SmartCircle’s uptime and planogram compliance monitor. Our integrated solutions are designed to strengthen phone manufacturers’, carriers’ and service providers’ partner propositions.
Our mission is to attract customers to your product, keep their attention and provide an interactive experience, educate the customer on costs and features along with providing the formula to improve the response of each, and every marketing campaign from this day forward!


  • Wireless

    Easy to use as well as manage the wireless, mobile device management solution can be configured in under 10 minutes.

  • Cross platform

    Seamlessly runs on all operating systems such as Android, Apple, Microsoft and provides comprehensive device management, metrics data collection and media control.

  • In Store Control

    A perfect solution for managing store security, monitoring Smartphone and Tablet charge, alarm status as well as ensuring perfect Planograms and flawless Display media campaigns.

  • Digital Signage

    Offers simple digital media and content management control assuring Smartphone and Tablet marketing campaigns are easily added by selecting - Device, What, Where and When.

  • Customer Metrics

    Collects accurate metrics data and customer activity through the on-board sensors found in the merchandised Smartphones and Tablets.

  • Head Office Control

    Gives unrestricted web based access to analyze store Planograms, charge status, recent alarms, manager logs, customer activity and digital marketing campaigns.

  • Low Yearly Cost

    Access the entire SmartCircle network for a low yearly subscription.

  • Unlimited ROI Potential

    Reduce Smartphone and Tablet theft, manage Display uptime, ensure Planogram compliance, engage customers via interactive media campaigns, plan efficient staff scheduling and marketing campaigns...etc

Distinguish between different types of customer engagements

Through SmartCircle, on board Smartphone and Tablet sensors collect customer engagement such as lifts, touches and interactions providing wireless retailers the information to better determine Planograms, marketing campaigns, inventories and staffing.



Purely organic, highly accurate and extremely guarded

Store managers and head office face a multitude of challenges from loss prevention to customer satisfaction, compliance and staff productivity. RTF understands these obstacles and has developed an Enterprise solution to address retail hurdles with the introduction of SmartCircle Metrics.

Store specific

SmartCircle collects interactions from all displayed devices and clearly outlines trends at the Metrics Enterprise Portal.

Region specific

Compare multiple regions and apply the formula of successful areas to one’s that are struggling.

Brand specific

Quickly identify how your branding strategies fit across your stores and see what is trending at any moment.

“Over the next two years the wireless retail industry will experience a period of rapid change. SmartCircle opens the world’s eyes, awakening the idea that displayed mobile devices can be used as retail tools and not retail toys.”

Bill Dandie – President, RTF


Measure performance and customer traffic, increase employee productivity and drive more sales. Capture data on both operational and non-operational devices, device battery levels, and device activity per hour of the day and day of the week.

Loss Prevention

Heighten operational intelligence at both the store and head office levels. Metrics collected include alarm occurrences in stores, alarm triggers, and alarm patterns to preemptively prevent theft.



Utilize live Displays to run Marketing Campaigns

Why not maximize the high quality screen while Displays are idle? SmartCircle manages Smartphone and Tablet devices to promote your latest marketing campaigns or publishes a digital price tag. Silent salesmen or self assist features increase activations.


Real time, Smart Planograms

Ensure compliance and view live Planograms across all your stores. See when the Display was merchandised and proactively locate misplaced Displays. Log in to the Metrics Enterprise Portal to add your next Planogram campaign and distribute to 1 or 1000 stores.


Interact with your customers right on the live Display

Organically collect customer information and make better, strategic decisions. Create marketing campaigns such as “Like us on Facebook” or gather customer information through interactive HTML5 web forms.


SmartCircle’s network supports Smartphones and Tablets
as well as all other devices that run Android and iOS

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